Water / Sewer Utility Billing

Water and Sewer Service

The City of Rosemount provides water and sewer service. It is supervised by the Rosemount Utility Commission, which sets policies for the service and advises the City Council. Responsibility for the water and sewer utilities is shared by the Finance and Public Works departments.

For questions about maintenance or starting or stopping service, contact the Public Works Department at (651) 322-2022.

For questions about billing or meter reading, contact the utility billing clerks at (651) 322-2099 or by email at utility@ci.rosemount.mn.us.

Earn a credit on your water bill!

Learn more on the Water Conservation webpage.

Paying Your Bill

The City of Rosemount offers online billing and payment services. There is no charge to sign up. [Learn about online billing.]

You can pay your Rosemount utility bill automatically through your checking or savings account. Money is withdrawn on the stated date without the need to drop off or mail the payment. Fill out an enrollment form to take advantage of automatic bill payments.

The amount of your bill depends on several factors, including the amount of water consumed and the use of your property. The City has prepared a document explaining those factors. There are also explanations geared to new residents who receive water and regular sewer service and who receive water and stormwater service.