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Building Permits and Inspection Information
Permit Application Requirements
All of the following information must be completed and/or submitted for review and permit issuance (printable handout). A minimum of 10 working days is required for plan review upon complete submittal. 

  • Permit Application
  • Two copies of construction plans including details of foundation insulation and radon control system.
  • Three copies of certificate of survey complying with City approved requirements. Include location of septic system and well, if applicable.
  • Building thermal envelope worksheet verifying compliance with Section N1102.1 of Minnesota Energy Code. 
  • Heat loss/gain calculations verifying HVAC equipment sizing compliance with Minnesota Energy Code. 
  • Ventilation worksheet verifying compliance with section N1104.1 of Minnesota Energy Code. 
  • Site plan verifying compliance with City tree preservation ordinance, if applicable.

Always post your inspection card in a prominent place viewable from outside the building, and call before you dig.  Gopher State One: 651-454-0002

Certificate of Survey Requirements
The following items are required to be included on the Certificate of Survey (print this list):

  • All copies shall be 11 x 17 
  • Lot address 
  • As-built invert elevation of sanitary sewer service 
  • Legal property description, lot, block, subdivision name 
  • Name, address, fax and phone number of builder 
  • Bearings and lot line lengths 
  • Drainage and utility easements 
  • House and garage locations and dimensions 
  • Complete elevations of lot, lot corners, house, garage and driveway 
  • Date of grading plan used 
  • North arrow 
  • Street name and adjacent street names 
  • Benchmark and benchmark locations 
  • Scale 
  • Driveway grade 
  • Complete name, address, fax and phone number of engineering firm 
  • Drainage arrows 
  • List of symbols 
  • Type of house 
  • Elevations of top of block, top of finished garage floor and top of basement floor 
  • Minnesota Registered Engineer Land Surveyor number and signature 
  • Setback dimensions to lot line 
  • Percent of impervious surface coverage 
  • Latest revised plan date used