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Lawn Sprinkling
Sprinkling water on grass
In order to conserve our potable water supply, each water customer is required to comply with the following restrictions between May 1st and August 31st in any calendar year: 

  • On odd numbered days of the month, only odd numbered addresses shall water lawns or landscaping, and on even numbered days, only even numbered addresses shall water lawns or landscaping. 
  • No watering of lawns or landscaping is permitted between the hours of noon and 6:00p.m. on any day. 
  • Exceptions: The limitations of paragraphs 1 and 2 do not apply to the watering of lawns or landscaping for the first 30 days after establishment or plating of such lawn or landscaping.

In addition to any other penalty or sanction provided for herein, the City Council may, by resolution, set penalties for violations of this Article. Such penalties shall be billed to the customer and collected as a part of the water bill.

(City Code 4-1A-3 and 4-1A-6).