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South Urban Gateway Planning
The South Urban Gateway is an hourglass shaped area along Highway 3 (South Robert Trail) between CountySUGAR aerial Roads 42 and 46 just south of Downtown Rosemount.  The focus of the study is to develop a long term strategy for the corridor that defines challenges to economic growth and makes recommendations to encourage reinvestment.  The committee studying the South Urban Gateway is scheduled to meet on the first Monday of each month starting at 6:30 p.m. in City Hall and is made up of the following stakeholders:

  • Melissa Kenninger, Rosewood Resident and Chairperson 
  • Jamal Abdulahi, Bloomfield Resident
  • Rick Battaglia, Owner of Rick’s Auto
  • Kay Bulter, McDonald’s Franchisee
  • Mark DeBettignies, Councilmember 
  • Bill Droste, Mayor
  • Randy Dukek, ISD 196 Coordinator of Transportation
  • Joseph Kurle, Planning Commission
  • Bob Leuth, Port Authority
  • Nick Rapp, Rapp Chiropractic
  • Mike Weber, Planning Commission