The City of Rosemount does not require a license for most businesses. Exceptions are for liquor, tobacco, and items below.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy licenses run from January 1 to December 31. All persons performing massage therapy, whether in a store front or home, must submit an application and complete a background check. Anyone found practicing massage without a license will be in violation of City Code. (Depending on the web browser you use, you may need to download these files to your computer to get the fillable PDF versions.)


Organizations seeking a charitable gambling license or exemption from the State of Minnesota must have their applications signed by the city clerk. Before signing off on the state application, City staff performs a background check on the organization’s officers. A new premise permit requires approval from the City Council.

Arcade Parlor, Billiard Hall, and Dance Club

Contact the City Clerk at (651) 322-2003 for more information.

Peddlers and Transient Merchants 

The City of Rosemount has several requirements for peddlers and transient merchants that must be met in order to legally operate in the City. All peddlers and transient merchants must register with the City Clerk before conducting any activities. Every peddler and transient merchant must register and complete a background check regardless of whether the company has already been licensed. 

Door-to-Door Soliciting

Visit the Rosemount Police webpage.

Nonbusiness Permits

Block Parties

Block parties are allowed in Rosemount on low-volume resident streets, dead-end streets, or cul-de-sacs. No thoroughfares or collector streets may be used. There are several block parties in the City each year.

To hold a block party, a resident or group of residents must fill out a block party application and file it with the City Clerk. Applications must be turned in at least five business days in advance of the party. If the block party is approved, barricades will be delivered to the applicant’s address and should be returned to the same location for pick up following the event.

There is no fee for a block party.