Cable Television

City channels

Programming Charter GigabitMN
Rosemount and Dakota County 188 8
Community access announcements 187 6

Local Government Programming

Cable television programming for local government in Rosemount is provided through a cooperative agreement with the cities of Apple Valley and Farmington.

Regular meetings of the City Council and the Planning Commission are telecast live and as recorded over government access channels of cable TV systems serving Rosemount. [View the schedule.]

Community Access

Qualifying nonprofit and civic groups can request the posting of announcements on the public (not government) access channel. Postings must conform with Cable Commission policies. (See tips on how to create a message.) Contact (952) 953-2686 or for more information.

Questions or Complaints

For more information about cable programming, questions, concerns, or complaints about the cable TV service, please contact the Cable Coordinator at (952) 953-2686. [View information about the Cable Commission's activities.]