Door-to-Door Solicitors

For Solicitors:  

The City of Rosemount has several requirements for solicitors that must be met in order to legally operate in the City. All solicitors must register with the Police Department before conducting any activities. Every solicitor must register and complete a background check regardless of whether the company has already been licensed.  Licenses are valid through December 31st of the year the license was obtained.  

Items required:

  • A Solicitation License Application (link below).  Each individual applicant needs to complete an application and your signature needs to be notarized.   
  • $90 application fee per applicant.  (except non-profit) 
  • A copy of each solicitor's driver's license or identification card is requested to confirm information contained in the application.


Contact the Police Records Office at (651) 423-4491 for more information. 

For Residents:  

Solicitors who receive a license are instructed to have the license on them at all times while going door-to-door. Residents who want to report a person or company soliciting without a permit, or who view suspicious activities should call 9-1-1 for a response from the Rosemount Police Department. The following people/groups have been issued licenses to solicit in the City of Rosemount as of September 3, 2021: 

  • Aptive Environmental - William Morgan Jr, Maxwell Ezzell, Belle Ponce De Leon, Ryan McLaughlin, Anthony Cowan, Jonathon Schinko, Chase Green, Ethan Sharer, John Nieters, Banyan Claussen, Eric Gonzalez, Seth Thomas, Levi Gesell, Cameron Green, Zachary Pascual, Blake Carter, Anish Surti, Joshua Nikolich
  • Ashco Exteriors - Lam Tran-Jardin, Michael Wolf, Charles Clark
  • Bison Builders - Suresh Dubay, Nic Gilyard, Casey Bolen
  • Elite Exteriors - Benjamin Swanson, Jason Hanson
  • Everlight Solar - Genevieve Kennedy, Hayden Lacy, Tanner Knight
  • Gigabit Minnesota - Elleanora Johnson, David Johnson, James Lundberg
  • Guardian Services Contracting - Nathaniel Schuler
  • Hail Pro LLC - Brandon Evens, Benito Menchaca, Juan Cerrato, Michael Bendix, Jacob Grages, Dawn Stutelberg, Jake Bebeau, Danielle Schreader, Alan Foster, Carli O'Donnell, Jacqueline Venable, Dean Maric
  • KW Preferred Realty - Michelle Hoagland
  • Legacy Construction - German Klepnev
  • Legacy Restorations LLC - Thomas Greene, Bradley Kaye, Elwin Detzler, Elisha Adams, Omar Morey, Mary McNeill, Logan Nelson, Jacob Miller
  • MN Restoration Contractors - Scott Lebrun
  • Murza Construction - Samuel Dmitruk, Pylyp Meleshko, Jaures-Eberhard Ayumba, Obiamalu Egbujor, Dominick Murza, Nikita Zubkov, Timothy Dubovoy
  • Viking Contractors LLC - Jeffrey Baumgartner, Lyndsey Schaefer, Stephan Czichray, Nicholas Pastorino