Learn to Skate


The Rosemount Learn To Skate program offers the local Ice Skating Institute (ISI) program. This program offers a skill progression designed to enhance the capabilities of all skaters. Please look carefully at the class descriptions. It is not uncommon for a student to repeat a level before mastering all the skills at that level. All classes are held on Monday evenings at the Rosemount Ice Arena, 13885 South Robert Trail.


Call the Rosemount Parks and Recreation Department at (651) 322-6000 for more information.

Note: There are no refunds for Learn to Skate lessons after the registration deadline.

Special Notes

  • Protective headgear is required in all classes. Bike helmets or lightweight hockey helmets are acceptable.
  • Only skaters enrolled in the Learn to Skate program may be on the ice.
  • No shoes or boots on the ice. Shoes bring in outside dirt to the ice surface, which is dangerous.
  • All skaters should pick up their name tags as they enter the arena. Class time, class level, and class color are on the tag. Skaters should skate to the corresponding color on the glass at their lesson time.
  • Skaters should wear warm, comfortable clothing. Dress in layers so jackets and sweaters can be removed as the skaters warm up. Mittens or gloves are a must. No tight jeans as they restrict movement.
  • Rental skates are not available. Please make sure your skate blades are sharp and your boots fit properly. No double-blade skates are allowed.

For specific class descriptions and times please see our Parks and Recreation Activities and Information Brochure.