New Commercial and Industrial Developments

1. Dakota Aggregates

Dakota Aggregates is mining the western 1,600 acres of UMore for gravel and aggregate over a 40-year period (25 years in Rosemount and the final 15 years in Empire Township). The reclaimed mining site will include a 125-acre lake within Rosemount located on the northeast corner of County Road 46 and Biscayne Avenue. 

2. UMore AUAR 

The City of Rosemount, Empire Township, and the University have developed an Alternative Urban Areawide Review for UMore Park. UMore covers 5,000 acres, with 3,000 acres located north of CSAH 46 within Rosemount and 2,000 acres located south of CSAH 46 in Empire Township. The three scenarios contained in the AUAR are based in varying degrees on the UMore Concept Master Plan, which plans for a community of approximately 30,000 people.

3. Minnesota Energy Resources Corporation

MERC completed construction of a new headquarters and operations center in Rosemount. The facility now houses company leadership who recently moved from a leased space in Eagan. The development also contains training facilities and conference rooms.

4. Biscayne Business Park

Appro Development has received approval to begin development of a new business park on 15 acres of land located approximately 700 feet north of 160th Street.  The business park will ultimately contain 8 lots with buildings between 15,000-20,000 square feet that would be constructed to provide flexibility for perspective users based on their individual needs.  

5. Multi-Tenant Commercial Building

A new commercial building is currently under construction on the former site of Hong Kong Bistro at 15065 Canada Avenue.  The building will contain three tenants: Noodles & Co., Sports Clips, and Jersey Mike's. 

6. Custom Apparel, Inc.

Custom Apparel, Inc. is building a 13,500 square foot structure at 15641 Canada Circle to house its manufacturing operation and an attached indoor recreation/training facility. The site is located on land that was within the former alignment of South Robert Trail. Redevelopment of the site was initiated by the City through the consolidation of remnant parcels leftover following the realignment of South Robert Trail and a grading project to remove previous road infrastructure and to create a level site for redevelopment.