Volunteer Opportunities

Adopt a Hydrant, Park, or Street

  • Hydrant (keeping snow away during the winter months)
  • Park (picking up trash and debris all year round; helping plant gardens)
  • Street (picking up trash and debris twice a year)

Help maintain gardens and landscaping around City buildings, boulevards, parks, etc.

  • Mulching, planting, watering
  • Raking, weeding
  • Other projects as agreed upon

Assisting bluebirds

  • Monitoring bluebird boxes weekly in City parks to keep bluebirds safe and record their nesting progress
  • Maintaining bluebird boxes, by checking on them monthly to see if any repairs need to be made, getting them ready for bluebirds in the Spring, and cleaning them out in the Fall

Office Support

  • Filing, copying, stuffing envelopes
  • Putting packets or gift bags together
  • Organizing storage areas, making reminder calls
  • Data entry
  • Taking meeting minutes
  • Other duties as needed
Document Scanning
  • Preparing documents for scanning
  • Creating electronic folders for documents
  • Scanning documents and moving them to appropriate electronic folders

Bluebirding support class

Can you help monitor the bluebird boxes established in parks around Rosemount and Apple Valley? It takes only a small time commitment and gives you a view of these fascinating animals. A training session will be held March 22. [See details.]

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