Environment and Sustainability Task Force

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Help preserve Rosemount's resources for the future by serving on the Environment and Sustainability Task Force. Openings are available to join these efforts. Learn more below about the work and fill out an application.


  • 5:30 p.m.
  • Usually on the third Tuesday of every month [See the Calendar.]
  • Most meetings take place in the second-floor conference room of City Hall, 2875 145th Street West; see meeting agenda for the exact location

Agendas and Minutes

Agendas are posted on the website. Minutes will be posted after they are approved by the Task Force.


  • Renee Burman
  • Vanessa Demuth
  • Katherine Koch-Laveen
  • Karen Malkowski
  • Nathan Marks
  • Ed Nelson
  • Victoria Schlautman
  • John Smith


The purpose of the Task Force is to advise the city council on issues related to the environment and sustainability. The past few years the Rosemount City Council has participated in several programs involving sustainability measures. The programs provided assistance in many areas; however, quality of life and sustainability were two significant ongoing issues.

The issue of sustainable City services is a complex topic that includes a wide range of City services. We currently have three citizen commissions that advise the City Council on planning issues, parks, and utilities. Although commission members meet once a month and generally only focus on current City projects and new development, there are significant issues around innovation and citizen engagement that are not being addressed. The City Council’s objective in creating an Environment and Sustainability Task Force is to look at areas where we can have a better impact on issues and look for creative ways to engage residents through education and opportunities to improve neighborhoods. Outcomes could be specific projects or recommendations on City policy.

The Task Force in Action

Photo of recycling collection at breakfastThe Rosemount Firefighters hosted their annual waffle breakfast during the 2018 Leprechaun Days. The event is a fundraiser for the Fire Department, where over 1,000 waffles were sold. The Environment and Sustainability Task Force (REST) and Parks Department Staff worked with the Firefighters to make it a green event by setting up recycling and organics collection, with 172 pounds of such as food waste and certified compostable products (e.g. plates, forks, knives, napkins and cups) collected for composting. In 2017, 87 pounds of waste were collected; not all of the products used were able to be composted. The food waste and compostable products are turned into compost, a soil rich in nutrients at The Mulch Store, which co-sponsored the purchase of compostable items. Rosemount residents can make compost in their own backyard or bring it to a Dakota County drop-off site.

Photo of booth at Leprechaun DaysThe REST hosted a booth at the 2018 Leprechaun Day’s Mid-Summer Faire in Central Park. Citizens were able to learn about a variety of environmental topics and participate in activities, including an interactive display on why “flushable” wipes are not really flushable and instead should go in the trash because they can clog home and City sewer pipes. The REST also had information on the City’s Energy Action Plan and available energy rebates, water efficiency rebates for smart irrigation systems, how to keep storm drains clean from pollutants, alternatives to plastic straws, and drop-off options for food waste composting.