Comprehensive Plan Update

The City of Rosemount is working to update its Comprehensive Plan to carry the community through the year 2040. To review the current Comprehensive Plan for 2030 click here.

What's your view?North planning meeting

Comments and questions from the public are key to devising the best possible plan. Submit your remarks here:

Work on future land uses

The City hosted an open house in August to answer questions regarding the draft future land use plan. The land use plan is the primary planning tool used in the Comprehensive Plan and outlines what and where future development will take place in the City. The draft plan will be the basis for planning future utility, roadway, and transit expansion from now to 2040. See the draft Land Use Plan and other documents from the open house here.

Work Session-Comp Plan Packets

Planning focus

Some neighborhoods will be the focus of planning efforts in 2016. One is the North Central Planning Area, which roughly covers the area between the northern city limits, east of South Robert Trail and west of Akron Avenue. The other area is the Southeastern area of the City, which covers the area east of Hwy 52 and south of CR 42. The city held small group meetings for both areas along with a Community-Wide meeting that was held September 22, 2016. To View the presentation click here.

There are several Task Forces working on various pieces of the Comprehensive Plan, the meeting times and agendas can be found below.
  • The Planning Commission has been reviewing the Comprehensive Plan at their work sessions held the 2nd Tuesdays of the month. The packets for the meetings can be found here.
  • The Downtown Task Force is holding regular meetings on the 4th Monday of the month. The packets for the meetings can be found here.
  • The Southeast Planning Area Neighborhood meeting was held June 2, 2016. A Task Force was formed and is meeting on an as needed basis. The packets for the meetings can be found here.
  • The North Central Area Neighborhood meeting was held May 25, 2016, no task force was formed at this time. To view the presentation click here.

The Comprehensive Plan Update is a lengthy process and a lot of technical work needs to be done. That means that there may be long stretches of time between neighborhood and other public meetings, so that additional information can be obtained. If there are questions about the Comprehensive Plan Update they should be directed to Kyle Klatt, Senior Planner at or 651-322-2052