2021 Street Improvement Project


This project includes pavement rehabilitation on the streets show on the project map:

This project will also include sidewalk and curb spot replacement, minor utility work, as well as rehabilitation of pedestrian ramps to meet current requirements. 

Latest Updates

  • The contractor will complete final correction (known as punch list items) prior to winter.  Finalizing the crosswalk work at Auburn Avenue and Connemara Trail will occur prior to winter.
  • Street paving has been completed on the project. The contractor will be rough grading disturbances to yards, followed but bringing in new topsoil and seed.
  • New Schedule for the south construction (see map below)
  • Newsletters

Meetings and Presentations

  • Improvement Hearing – November 17, 2020

North Ash Tree Removal Area

South Ash Tree Removal Area 


  • Accept Plans and Advertise Project for Bids – January 19, 2021
  • Open Bids – March 2, 2021
  • Award Contract – March 16, 2021
  • Assessment Hearing – April 20, 2021
  • Construction Starts North – Late April 2021
  • Construction Starts South – Late May 2021
  • Construction Substantially Complete North – May 2021
  • Construction Substantially Complete South – July 2021

Project Contacts

Please contact one of the following people if you have questions about this project:

Matt Blazer, Project Engineer

Bolton & Menk (Design Consultant)

952-890-0509 ext. 3002

Brian Erickson, City Engineer

(651) 322-2025 

Derick Anderson, Sr. Engineer Technician

(651) 322-2055