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August 26, 2019

Wow Rosemount, how time flies. I am here to say goodbye, but mostly thank you! My service year for the MN GreenCorps wrapped up on Wednesday, August 21. It has truly been an honor and a privilege to serve in such a welcoming, vibrant, and joyful community.  

From bringing goats to Central Park, to installing a raingarden at Rosemount High School, to orchestrating a stormwater mural at the Splash Pad, every project has been met with open arms and wonderful community support.

Rosemount will always be in my heart and I hope you have learned and grown with me along the way. Thank you!

If you’d like to learn more about how you can give back to your community check out these great pages: 

MN GreenCorps:


Volunteering for Rosemount:

-Jes Braun, MN GreenCorps member serving in Rosemount

August 14, 2019

Hi, Rosemount! I am so happy to announce that our storm drain mural is finished and installed. The mural features mythical sea creatures, a giant polka dotted whale, a character straight out of the 1950s musical Singing in the Rain, blooming sunflowers, and more, all woven together by a rainbow. The rainbow leads you from the basin on 145th Street, to the west side of the parking lot, to the splash pad in Central Park. 

Photo of rainbow mural near sewer

Photo of rainbow and figures painted near sewer

Photo of mural near splash pad

Come down to the park and follow the rainbow from beginning to end. Bring your friends and family and talk to them about what you all do to help keep our lakes and rivers clean and pollution out of the storm drains. Our creatures, mythical and real, depend on you! 

-Jes Braun, MN GreenCorps member serving in Rosemount

July 24, 2019

Happy Leprechaun Days, Rosemount!

Wow, July is flying by! Have a great time celebrating summer with your friends and family this week. Hope the good weather has you outside!

As you walk around the town, take a look at all the wonderful things that are happening above ground, and also beneath your feet. Do you see those storm drains over there? As I’ve mentioned before, those drains are linked up to a wonderful underground system of pipes! It’s a veritable hidden river system. Those drains take rain water from the streets and parks and carry them into our lakes and rivers. Sounds magical until you realize that water isn’t the only thing going down those drains! The water can pick up and mobilize pet waste, trash, sediment, grass clippings, fertilizer, and other things that are laying on our streets and sidewalks.

Graphic showing path of water runoff

There is a lot going on in our day to day, and it’s easy to forget things along the way. We here in Rosemount Public Works want to help remind you of our storm drain super water highway in a creative way: with stormwater murals!  

A mural, painted on the ground next to a stormdrain, can serve as a wonderful way to create conversations around where water goes, to keep you and your family thinking about water and water pollution, and hopefully help you become anti-pollution warriors! Telling your friend to pick up that litter they dropped, or remembering to pick up after your pets and your lawn clippings.  

The stormwater mural will be painted in Central Park near our splash pad! Keep an eye out the first two weekends in August for the mural artist hard at work out there. Stay tuned to our social media pages for more updates as the art unfolds!

Using art to engage and inspire the public is just one way we are helping Rosemount be the cleanest, healthiest, and most beautiful city it can be! Got any other water pollution prevention suggestions for us? Shoot me an email!

-Jes Braun, MN GreenCorps member serving in Rosemount

July 10, 2019

Graphic showing people high-fiving for adopting a storm drain

Happy July, Rosemount!

Hope your lawns and gardens are lush and flowering. All this rain has been so helpful to our plants! But rain that falls in urban settings can actually be bad for our natural world. Rain picks up debris (like grass clippings, leaves, fertilizer, oil, road salt, and pet waste) and carries this debris into our storm drains, which drain to our ponds, lakes, rivers, and eventually into our oceans.

You can help! The Vermillion River Watershed JPO has partnered with Clean Water MN on a citizen engagement program to help stop this water pollution. 

It’s called “Adopt a Drain”! Volunteer fifteen minutes, twice a month to clean up drains in your neighborhood and to help reduce water pollution. You can learn more about the program here:

And keep your eye out for another exciting project unfolding in Rosemount this summer: our stormwater drain education mural! 

-Jes Braun, MN GreenCorps member serving in Rosemount

July 2, 2019

Rosemount’s first prescribed goat grazing was a huge success!

Thank you to everyone who came down to say hi to our quirky little workers. It’s been quite a transformation to see the buckthorn and garlic mustard stripped clean by hungry goats! Take a look at some of the before and after photos below: 

Photo of before and after goat treatment in woods

Photo of before and after goat treatment near park path

Photo of before and after goat treatment on hill

Some things to note for the future:

The goats did an excellent job of munching down the invasive plants. It may look like there isn’t a lot going on but now the native plants that are laying dormant will have a chance to get some sunlight and nutrients and sprout up this summer. The goats were able to do their work without raising big smoke plumes or affecting air quality, all while laying down fertilizer and removing the invasive seeds from the seed bank, so go eco-goats!  

Photo of goat on hill

But there is no "one shot and done" method for vegetation control! 

The buckthorn and other invasive plants will try to come back for round two, but we will be waiting for the emergence, and fighting back! Watch out for the next phases of our plan. Who knows? Maybe the goats will be back again, too!

-Jes Braun, MN GreenCorps member serving in Rosemount

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